Spotify the growing world of music


Spotify is a popular music streaming app in the world, which is known to have more than 140 million active users out of which 50 million are paid users. To put it in simpler words, Spotify is a music streaming library which instead of being stored on your phone or iPod is available online. Spotify has live streaming of radio stations and songs by thousands of artists. The Spotify library is huge and has over 30 million songs, moreover streaming on the Spotify app is free but some of the features have to be paid for.

Spotify is known for introducing new features and upgrading its app to a new level; Spotify playlist placement is one of its latest features. A few months ago Spotify announced that it would make the playlist submission feature accessible to its users, through which artists could directly submit their music to the editors of Spotify all around the globe. The placement feature is a unique way of promoting new and hidden talent and like the Spotify playlist placement, there are a lot of other features also that Spotify is known for.  

Reasons for using Spotify

There is no doubt that Spotify has gradually become a great marketplace for different genres of music and there are plenty of reasons for using it.

  • Supports different platforms- The best part about using Spotify is that unlike its competitors it is universal and it is available on almost all the devices, which include Windows, Linux, macOS, windows phones and the Android smartphone.
  • Large users with an equally large library- Spotify has a music library of over 30 million songs and more than 140 million users, which is quite big a number for a music app.
  • Easy to use- Spotify is easy to use and everything is quite simple about it. You can easily find everything and organise playlists also quite easily. Users can easily explore different music, radio, exploring the app and its features are quite fun.
  • Offline music- Spotify offers premium features which allow the users to listen to music offline and have access to the 30 million songs even while travelling. Also, it offers an ad-free experience to its users. The only drawback about the offline music feature is that it is paid and is available for the premium subscribers only. In case your premium subscription is not active then you cannot listen to offline music.

Spotify has a lot to offer, it not only allows its users to manually search for their favourite music and tunes but also lets them build their own playlists. Then Spotify playlist placement acts as a cherry on the cake and a blessing for the new musicians, who struggle hard to create a mark for themselves. Along, with all these features it also offers various tools for discovering music, new tracks and artists that Spotify thinks you would like. Recently, it has also added a ‘daily mix’ playlist option which is like its ‘discover weekly’ option but unlike the weekly one, it gets refilled with new music daily.