Impact of Digital Operations Management in Oil and Gas Industry

The prices of crude oil have dropped significantly in the recent past. The decline is attributed to the supply and demand imbalance. Consequently, progress towards re-balancing trends in the oil industry has slowed significantly. Consequently, oil prices continue to swing wildly. The volatility has caused investors to hold back their capital investment. Instead, a lot of enterprises have preserved their capital investment in a survival mode.


As volatility in the oil industry continues, refiners continue to optimize their operations to improve efficiency and reduce costs. That has improved the agility of an organization to seize market opportunities without incurring extra costs. Digital operations management enables refiners to utilize the value of their assets and operations. That allows them to sustain their operations and keep up with trends in the crude oil industry. Visit to learn more about digital operations management.


Digital Operations Management


Digital operations management stretches beyond technology. It involves a holistic approach to implement changes, transform operations, and train employees to operate equipment correctly. It also empowers the workforce to unlock tremendous value from the latest technology. Operations management requires a company to embark on digital transformation through automation of tasks and elimination of duplicate roles. In other words, digital operations management transforms how work is performed. Investing in a digital operations management platform enables companies to leverage technology for higher efficiency. It allows companies to seize market opportunities through optimized operations.


Core Functions of Digital Operations Solutions


Operations history and case management allow for benchmarking. That will enable refiners and petrochemical plants to gain operational excellence. Digital operations management also helps in data integration. It unifies data from different sources into a central platform. As a result, companies can improve operational efficiency and internal communications.


Digital operations management also allows a company to automate its workflow. Streamlining workflows and operations enables an enterprise to run its routine activities efficiently. It also helps link performance events, cause and action. That allows companies to capture critical operational information and reduce the time taken to resolve a problem. Digital operations management also helps optimize your value chain and turn it into actionable insights.


Investing resources and efforts in operations management solutions can help a refinery to improve its efficiency. It also enables a company to sustain business performance and enhance its ROI. Petrochemical plants and refiners have embarked on digitalizing their operations management. As a result, they have reaped significant benefits due to improved asset utilization and reduced operating costs. Refiners can now make informed decisions and improve their IRO through enhanced operational visibility. As a result, refiners and petrochemical plants have reached their next level of operational efficiency. Operations management solutions have resulted in 5% increase in revenue and 10% reduction in operating costs.


Digital operations solutions allow refiners to get started quickly and meet their immediate needs. It helps optimize maintenance schedule by synchronizing operations schedule with maintenance initiatives. That has resulted in increased profitability through steam consumption, reduced downtime, and increased yield. It also enables a refiner to keep an eye on real-time signals and recorded data to ensure optimal operations.