How to hide the Wi-Fi network of your router

Do you think someone is stealing your WiFi? If the thief is not very smart, there is a good way to prevent this from happening: hiding your router’s Wi-Fi network, a trick that no one can see at a glance in a wireless network search.

Of course, with certain applications can be detected equally, but less gives a stone. When you have managed to hide your WiFi 機 租借 effectively, only a person who knows the name of the network and the password can connect. It’s a good way to protect your WiFi from outside glances.

It is not hard to do once you have already put it into practice once. The main problem is that each router has a different web interface, although we are going to make this tutorial as generic as possible so you do not have problems hiding the SSID of your WiFi network.

  1. Access the configuration of your router

The first step is to access the Settings of your router. This is where you can modify all the values ​​of your Internet connection, something that you should probably do just after having it installed at home, since there are several essential adjustments for a better security and operation.

Normally it is enough to copy and paste “” without quotes in the search bar of the browser, although there are special cases whose solution we explain here.

Once inside the access page, you must type the username and password. Usually it is “Admin” as user and “1234”, although it can be several depending on your telephone operator. The best thing is that you call the operator to consult it and put a password and user in a notebook.

  1. Find the SSID settings

The SSID of a WiFi network is neither more nor less than the name of the network, which appears when you search to connect. It can be WLAN or whichever you choose, since it is a completely configurable field.

In this case, what we want is not to change the name, but to hide the SSID of the WiFi network of the router. For that, once you have accessed the Settings of your router, you must go to the 無線網路分享器. There must be one in there called SSID Settings, SSID Settings or similar.

  1. Hide a WiFi network: the final step

Now comes the important thing. Within the SSID Settings there is a box called Hide / Hide SSID. It’s the one you have to dial to hide your 台灣大哥大 WiFi network, but be careful! Once you have done it, you will not appear to yourself.

It is highly recommended to write down exactly the name of the network or change it to one that is easier to remember. Keep in mind that from now on you will have to do a manual search of the network if you want to connect.

In the following screenshot we attach the interface in a ZTE router of the most common in Spain.