4 Types of Gas Analysis Instruments

The presence of inert and combustible gases are important to many types of industrial and commercial enterprises. Measuring these requires sensitive equipment that you need to provide accurate results. The types of analyzers on the market are numerous and offer the ability to gather information and analysis in all types of situations.

Portable Gas Analysis

The portable model is good for many types of applications. It provides true and trusted results. It is compact and lightweight to provide easy mobility. It is durable enough to handle rough roads and long miles of travel. Choose from electrochemical sensors, electrochemical sensors and NDIR combination, or a total NDIR. You can also pick from a gas conditioning system and heated sampling lines.

Handheld Gas Analysis

A handheld gas analyzer is the perfect unit for field gas analysis. It offers a clean, easy-to-read interface, rugged construction, and included magnets on the back to free your hands for operation. You can analyze up to seven gas components. It contains a long battery life and ability to store up to 16,000 readings.

Stationary Gas Analysis for Combustibles

A stationary analyzer is one that is placed in the line of a hazardous zone to provide real-time monitoring. It is designed for boilers, ovens, furnaces, and other closed systems that can explode when levels are off. Adjustments can be made to keep the system safe.

Biogas Analysis

Biogas, such as methane given off in landfills and coal beds, can prove fatal to workers that are unaware of dangerous levels. An analyzer designed to detect biogas is available in both a portable and handheld model. Both will offer quality gas level results you can trust.

When monitoring gases are critical, investing in high-quality analyzers make a huge difference in getting the dependable results you need. Stay on top of your processes and production by utilizing the best in gas analysis technology.