Why Regular Oil Changes Are A Must

When performed as part of a routine maintenance plan on a vehicle, oil changes are the absolute easiest thing to do. They are essential if you want to keep the car free of unnecessary maintenance and even more essential if you want to keep the car running for any length of time. Here are some of the top benefits one can expect to see when performing regular oil changes. Just make sure to never cheap out on the oil filters. Always use a premium filter such as a Busch oil filter.

1. Keeping the oil fresh will also keep the engine running more smoothly. The oil works to keep the internal parts clean and well-lubricated. This, in turn, makes for a much more smooth and quiet ride.

2. By changing the oil regularly, it keeps dirt and debris from accumulating in the gears and other parts. As oil gets used, it can get dusty and dirty. This filth can harm the internal components of the engine. By changing the oil and the filters on a schedule, these small particles will be unable to enter into the engine. Buying and using high-quality oil also helps in this regard. The better the quality, the cleaner the engine will be.

3. The miles per gallon achieved will definitely increase after an oil change. This is because new oil increases the lubrication the engine enjoys. In turn, this reduces friction on certain engine parts, thus saving the consumer money at the gas pump. Your wallet will love you for it!

4. When automobile engines burn old oil, they emit noxious emissions that are harmful to the environment. Fresh oil will not burn these terrible chemicals and thus will be much better for the environment. Always change the oil!