Renting a car in Bucharest an option more considered by those who go on vacation in Romania 


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As the technology has evolved, the way we travel has changed more and more. One of the services which has spectacularly developed due to the unlimited possibilities that it offers is the renting car one. Having the possibility to reserve early anytime they want, in any place of the world, more and more tourists chosen to go on vacation to Romania with a rented car, regardless of whether they travel abroad or inside the country.

Below, we present you some of the reasons for which tourists declare that they would rather rent a car in Bucharest than choose another means of transport.

It’s more economical to rent a car in Romania

When they go on vacation, tourists start thinking more about the options offered by the possibility of saving money. Due to the fact that renting a car from Promotor Car Rental Romania means the possibility of selecting the type of car they want to use, this is  also a good opportunity to pay less for fuel, considering that there are both economical and hybrid types of cars.

Discounts for accommodation

In the same time, rent a car services can also bring a discount package for bed and breakfast. For example, Promotor Rent a Car Iasi offers discounts in many hotels and restaurants from the country, allowing their clients to make savings of up to 15%. Therefore, instead of paying more for bed and transport, the tourists use the saved money for other funny things that they prefer to do during their vacation.

You have more flexibility

Another reason for which those who go on vacation choose more and more often to use a rent a car service is that such an option offers at the same time safety and movement freedom, and visiting some foreign countries becomes as simple as going to a picnic. On the other hand, you don’t need to worry about getting lost because the cars have GPS navigation systems, and some companies offer permanent assistance for any problem you might have.

Summarising, the most important reasons for which people are more and more interested in renting a car when they leave on vacation are the fact that sometimes it can be cheaper, you can get more discounts, and you have more flexibility.  That being said, all you have to do is to reserve a car and plan your next vacation. We therefore invite you to visit the Promotor Rent a Car site: for seeing our offer.