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Do you think someone is stealing your WiFi? If the thief is not very smart, there is a good way to prevent this from happening: hiding your router’s Wi-Fi network, a trick that no one can see at a glance in a wireless network search.

Of course, with certain applications can be detected equally, but less gives a stone. When you have managed to hide your WiFi 機 租借 effectively, only a person who knows the name of the network and the password can connect. It’s a good way to protect your WiFi from outside glances.

It is not hard to do once you have already put it into practice once. The main problem is that each router has a different web interface, although we are going to make this tutorial as generic as possible so you do not have problems hiding the SSID of your WiFi network.

  1. Access the configuration of your router

The first step is to access the Settings of your router. This is where you can modify all the values ​​of your Internet connection, something that you should probably do just after having it installed at home, since there are several essential adjustments for a better security and operation.

Normally it is enough to copy and paste “” without quotes in the search bar of the browser, although there are special cases whose solution we explain here.

Once inside the access page, you must type the username and password. Usually it is “Admin” as user and “1234”, although it can be several depending on your telephone operator. The best thing is that you call the operator to consult it and put a password and user in a notebook.

  1. Find the SSID settings

The SSID of a WiFi network is neither more nor less than the name of the network, which appears when you search to connect. It can be WLAN or whichever you choose, since it is a completely configurable field.

In this case, what we want is not to change the name, but to hide the SSID of the WiFi network of the router. For that, once you have accessed the Settings of your router, you must go to the 無線網路分享器. There must be one in there called SSID Settings, SSID Settings or similar.

  1. Hide a WiFi network: the final step

Now comes the important thing. Within the SSID Settings there is a box called Hide / Hide SSID. It’s the one you have to dial to hide your 台灣大哥大 WiFi network, but be careful! Once you have done it, you will not appear to yourself.

It is highly recommended to write down exactly the name of the network or change it to one that is easier to remember. Keep in mind that from now on you will have to do a manual search of the network if you want to connect.

In the following screenshot we attach the interface in a ZTE router of the most common in Spain.


architecte lyon

Avec son rôle déterminant lors de la construction d’une maison, le choix d’un aum reste un élément non négligeable. Il est important de bien choisir cet expert en bâtiment si vous souhaitez vous faire construire un logement de qualité conforme aux normes. Cependant, ce cabinet d’architectes est de plus en plus prisé par les propriétaires pour les prestations de qualité qu’il propose. Quels sont les avantages de cette agence ? Quelles sont ses différentes réalisations dans cette région ? Quels sont les services proposés ?

Les raisons de recourir à ce cabinet d’architectes Lyon

Nous souhaitons tous être accompagnés tout au long de notre projet de construction de logement, quel que soit le modèle souhaité. C’est le cas chez les architectes dans cette agence créée il y a plus de dix ans. Ces professionnels vous aideront non seulement à concevoir le plan de votre maison, mais vous assisteront également dans le choix des matériaux de construction. Aujourd’hui, nombreux sont les propriétaires qui font face à de mauvaises surprises suite à la réalisation de la construction de leur projet. Alors, faire appel à ce cabinet est sans doute un excellent choix si vous souhaitez vous épargner de ces éventuelles surprises. Étant donné qu’il travaille en collaboration avec les meilleurs constructeurs dans cette région, il pourra donc vous aider à bien sélectionner l’entreprise intervenante.

La qualité de ses réalisations

Composé d’une équipe très efficace et très expérimentée, ce cabinet d’architectes à Lyon a pu livrer des réalisations multiples aussi bien dans la ville qu’au niveau de ses périphéries. En effet, vous pouvez en découvrir des maisons individuelles, des logements collectifs, des pavillons d’expositions, des sièges sociaux, pour ne citer que cela. En tout état de cause, faire appel à un architecte lyon dans cette agence permet de s’assurer de la construction de ses rêves, quel que soit son mode de vie. Il restera à l’écoute du client afin de satisfaire totalement ses besoins. Ces experts en bâtiment dans ce cabinet sont parmi les plus sollicités, car possédant toutes les qualités requises d’un bon architecte. Efficaces et compétents, ils permettent de se simplifier la vie en matière de démarches administratives.

Les prestations de qualité de l’agence

Les prestations que vous propose un architecte constituent un élément à prendre en considération au moment de le choisir. En effet, en sus de la qualité de leurs réalisations architecturales, ces spécialistes en bâtiment proposent des services adaptés aux besoins des propriétaires : études préalables de la conception du logement, choix du mobilier de la maison, la décoration en fonction de votre style, le choix des matériaux de construction, etc. En outre, l’architecte lyon sera aussi disposé à vous aider à effectuer les démarches nécessaires du point de vue administratif. Il vous prodigue également des conseils précieux permettant defaire réaliser votre logement sans vous tracasser dans les différentes étapes de ce projet. Cette agence est sans doute un bon choix lors de la mise en œuvre d’un projet de construction de logement.


As an entrepreneur, your work life will be filled with a lot of demands. You’ll have to solve problems and put out fires. It can be a stressful and thankless job. However, you’ll still want to perform at your highest capacity. In order to be efficient in your work life as an entrepreneur, consider these four tips.

1. Plan your day the night before.
It’s always good to give yourself a vision for each day. Don’t wait until half-way through the morning to decide the type of day you’ll have and what you want to do. Plan things out the night before. When you wake up in the morning, you’ll be able to hit the ground running.

2. Track your productivity.
If you find that you get to the end of a day and haven’t finished half of your work, it’s time to take a closer look at your productivity level. If you’re working constantly, this might be an indication that you need to pace yourself and take more off of your plate. However, be honest with yourself. If you stop to watch a video on YouTube or take a phone call every few hours, this will play into your inability to be efficient. Instead, consider timing yourself. See how long it takes you do to certain tasks from start to finish. Notice whether or not silence helps you focus to get things done. Once you’ve found your sweet spot, focus.

3. Get assistance.
You’re going to be the most efficient when you can delegate certain activities to others. If you try to do everything on your own, you will crash and burn. Though it might be challenging, learn to delegate certain tasks to others. Whether it’s through the use of a virtual assistant who handles the call in dictation systems or an intern who takes all of the packages to the post office, delegate tasks. You’re only one person. While you might like to think you are invincible, you do have a limited amount of energy. Knowing this, use that energy in the right direction.

4. Take breaks.
If you’re constantly running on all cylinders for hours non-stop, you’re going to burn yourself out. Even in your role as the owner of the company, it’s still important to schedule time for breaks. Whether it’s a fifteen-minute coffee run or a walk around the office complex, give yourself an opportunity to breathe.…


If anyone is seeking for the partnership with the technical development and for the qualified business, people need to take some steps to look for the problem solvers. The custom software development company has around seventy employees with full-time work with the developers, analysts, and visit website for the developer of the project and support specialists who are ready all the time to help to their customer for the development and also to the business. The team used to put attention on the organization to develop their business and get success their potential.

The performance of the optimal business depends on the first class software which is actually tailored to complement the goal of the company.

Software Development

These companies have the experience programs to work with the design, develop and execute the customized software with a full range of enterprises software that depends on the goals and target which is set by the company which is so challenging. These options are a better optimal and great for the company which is appropriate and have some unique and different property whose processes do not fit with the existing software.

Software Integration

Many of the conventional companies used to buy the enterprise software and integrated into the business. This type of solutions needs an experienced programmer, nevertheless, to understand the full program and it will be difficult upon the integration.

Customization Application and Support & Maintenances

The modifications and some require changes are good and the options for the economical companies which require something little unique than that is already or readily available. This is the better solutions and it is very important to consider the partnership with some experienced employees from the company. This ensures the appropriate supervision to make sure that the software perfectly fits.

Application Development Service of Custom Web

Executing the sophisticated of business automation platforms and some application which is smart web which encourages the economic growth and increases or boosts productivity. Having the perfect development of custom software, the companies used to provide the scalable enterprise’s solutions for the web for the unique domain of business. They used to develop the projects of much different complexity by the customization of already made solutions for the complete cycle web software development and integrating the system by the existing IT infrastructure.

Development of CMS

The custom content management solutions will be implements which enable the clients to enhance to manage or control over all corporate content and the processes by visit website. By the designed and development of ECM and CMS system which assist to turn the website into a very effective sale and facilitate document management, marketing tool and used to simplify the media asset management.

The achievements of these several B2B companies mostly rely on eCommerce solutions which give the assurance a stable web presence and allows to maintain effective communication with the customers, suppliers, and retailers. Marketing service, integrating sales and experience in billing in a single platform of Commerce will be a better …


Building a site for the business is a huge venture – particularly in the event that one needs a specialized plan.

On the off chance that one needs private venture website design information; he can get master help and guidance by working with a website design agency.

This is a decent method to get an exceptionally proficient site structured only for the business. In any case, it’s more expensive than different strategies for making a site, such as utilizing a web designer.

Would it be a good idea to utilize a web design agency?

When one gets a web design agency to make the organization site, he can profit by its insight and mastery.

As specialists in independent venture website composition, advancement, copywriting, site improvement and ease of use, they can offer aptitudes one might not have. This should result in a powerful, proficient site.

Moreover, re-appropriating to a website design agency ought to lessen the outstanding burden for the business – particularly if the agency handles zones like web facilitating as well.

The principal drawback to utilizing a website design agency is the expense. A decent web composition organization will charge in any event £1,000 for an essential site. One should expect to pay more for a cleaned structure that is responsive, so it shows well on screens all things considered. Progressively unpredictable designs may cost thousands.

Selecting a web design agency

When searching for a web design agency, one should pick the agency with whom he believes he can build up a decent working association with. It’s additionally vital to discover a web design agency which comprehends the business and its targets.

Scan on the web and make a few inquiries for proposals – local business bolster associations, providers and organizations with sites one likes the look of, may all have the capacity to point him the correct way.

Great communication is absolutely vital – and the website is a great way to do so and one requires a web design agency which talks his dialect. He should search for organizations with experience of working with customers like him. He should converse with past clients before settling on a choice.

Working with the website design agency

Once one has discovered a web design agency he is cheerful to work with, he is required to draw up a formal contract. In the event that the website design agency offers their standard contract, one should not be hesitant to discuss any part he is discontent with.

He should guarantee all licensed innovation is marked over to him. On the off chance that he does not claim the illustrations, documents, content and different components that make up his site, he won’t really have the capacity to adjust it or work with an alternate web design organization in future.

Accomplishing the correct result from the task will rely upon how well the instructions are given to the web composition organization. A decent website design agency will solicit information from inquiries – normally …



Spotify is a popular music streaming app in the world, which is known to have more than 140 million active users out of which 50 million are paid users. To put it in simpler words, Spotify is a music streaming library which instead of being stored on your phone or iPod is available online. Spotify has live streaming of radio stations and songs by thousands of artists. The Spotify library is huge and has over 30 million songs, moreover streaming on the Spotify app is free but some of the features have to be paid for.

Spotify is known for introducing new features and upgrading its app to a new level; Spotify playlist placement is one of its latest features. A few months ago Spotify announced that it would make the playlist submission feature accessible to its users, through which artists could directly submit their music to the editors of Spotify all around the globe. The placement feature is a unique way of promoting new and hidden talent and like the Spotify playlist placement, there are a lot of other features also that Spotify is known for.  

Reasons for using Spotify

There is no doubt that Spotify has gradually become a great marketplace for different genres of music and there are plenty of reasons for using it.

  • Supports different platforms- The best part about using Spotify is that unlike its competitors it is universal and it is available on almost all the devices, which include Windows, Linux, macOS, windows phones and the Android smartphone.
  • Large users with an equally large library- Spotify has a music library of over 30 million songs and more than 140 million users, which is quite big a number for a music app.
  • Easy to use- Spotify is easy to use and everything is quite simple about it. You can easily find everything and organise playlists also quite easily. Users can easily explore different music, radio, exploring the app and its features are quite fun.
  • Offline music- Spotify offers premium features which allow the users to listen to music offline and have access to the 30 million songs even while travelling. Also, it offers an ad-free experience to its users. The only drawback about the offline music feature is that it is paid and is available for the premium subscribers only. In case your premium subscription is not active then you cannot listen to offline music.

Spotify has a lot to offer, it not only allows its users to manually search for their favourite music and tunes but also lets them build their own playlists. Then Spotify playlist placement acts as a cherry on the cake and a blessing for the new musicians, who struggle hard to create a mark for themselves. Along, with all these features it also offers various tools for discovering music, new tracks and artists that Spotify thinks you would like. Recently, it has also added a ‘daily mix’ playlist option which is like its ‘discover weekly’ option but unlike the …




India is a country with anincredible amount of flair in every which field one can think of. There is abundant talent in every single field, be it acting, writing, dancing orthemost important and flourished Music.Music is an art field where the Indians are simply unsurpassed and have always excelled in.

To make anything reach to the masses, it is very important to promote it and make it available to the crowds. Promotions arethe set of activities, which communicate the product, brand or service to the user. The main aim is to make people cognizant, fascinate and encourage them to buy the product, in preference over others. With the introduction of technology, the process of promotion has become more efficient to work through and get through the hassles of door-to-door promotions.

The advantages of promoting music online can be:

  • Increasing Value to the Customer: An increase in promotions, forces one to offer more value to the customers. There’s a need for advertising something and the best thing one can give to their customers is ‘Value’ itself.
  • Market share:By increasing promotion and advertising expenditures, there is a very good chance of capturing market share especially if the competition if cutting back on ad spending.
  • Innovation:The more creative one gets with their promotional techniques, the more customers they can grab.
  • Improved Reputation: Customers are drawn towards a reputation that one’s company holds. Through the promotional practices and advertising, a company can either build a successful reputed brand image, or the same thing can even bring it to ruins.
  • Higher sales growth: Advertising and promoting during recessions actually help to higher sales growth during the recession.

In the same way, promoting the hard work that went in making a piece of music and then passing it on to the masses, and then in return getting all the appraisals and accolades for the same, always makes all the efforts pay-off.Thus, promotion and the medium of promotion plays a very important role in either making all the efforts fruitful or letting everything go down the drain. One such medium of letting one’s music reach to the majority of music lovers all across the world is the Spotify application.

The spotify promotion is very much essential in growing one brand and attracting an audience. Just by having an advanced knowledge of music and immense talent can never gain the deserving exposure that the singer/band is truly capable of. Where major record labels spend thousands on artist marketing, Spotify gives out the same opportunity at a minimal cost of just £49/Week. Now becoming famous, people’s favorite musician/band just got simpler with Spotify.

Just create a music track, edit it as and like you want, submit the track on Spotify and wait for their member to attend to it, and Voila! Within a day’s span, your own single/album is ready to be unleashed to the whole wide world for all the music lovers to have a chance at judging whether one really deserves the attention and applauds …


The GDPR or the General Data Protection Regulation passed by the EU (European Union) has been designed to protect the Personally Identifiable Information (PII) of the European citizens. This law is applicable to all websites receiving visitors from the EU countries and applies to data including IP addresses, names, health information, email addresses, etc. Under this law, all websites are held responsible for collecting, managing, and storing the PII. The GDPR mandates all websites to take explicit consent from the users before sending them emails and prohibits them from selling the user data. They are also required to provide an option for users to delete their information stored and/or unsubscribe from the mailing list. While this affects the entire website, two main areas that need particular attention are contact forms and analytics tools (like Google Analytics).

Post the GDPR, most websites have started realizing the importance of data security in the online world. WordPress, being an open-source platform, has many known security vulnerabilities which can be exploited by miscreants. If you have a WP website, then today we will look at some steps that you can take to ensure your website’s security post GDPR.

  1. Minimize Brute-force attacks

A brute force attack is one where the attacker uses an automated software to generate thousands of consecutive guesses to the login-ID and password fields in order to obtain the login information to your website. Here are some steps that you can take to minimize these attacks:

  • Customizing the URLs of the Login page – In WordPress, the default URL of the login page ends with /wp-login.php or /wp-admin/. Ensure that you change this URL so that the automated software cannot find the login page easily.
  • Limiting the number of login attempts: WordPress, under default settings, allows unlimited login attempts from an IP address. By limiting these attempts by using a plugin, you can ensure that brute force attacks a minimized to a great extent.
  • Two-step authentication: As with most websites and applications, enabling a two-step authentication for logging in to your website can enhance its security. You can install a plugin like Google Authenticator – WordPress Two Factor Authentication (2FA).

2. Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

The SSL is a security protocol which provides a secure channel between two machines over the internet. Many WordPress Hosting providers, offer SSL as a part of their hosting plans (either free or as an add-on).

3. Website Backup

Regardless of the security measures taken by you, ensure that you take website backups regularly. This ensures that in case of any disaster, you don’t lose critical customer data. You can install backup plugins and choose a WordPress Hosting plan that offers free automated daily backups of your website.

4. Regular Updates

The WordPress core, plugins, and themes add a lot of power to your WP website. However, updating them is essential else they can provide vulnerabilities to attackers. If you find yourself putting off WP updates for later, then you should look for a …


The prevalence of Internet usage in the 21st century paved the way for new opportunities, especially for entrepreneurs. They used its power to create different businesses, and fast-forward to the present, e-commerce businesses have become one of the most profitable companies in the world. For those who wanted to establish an online retail business, they need to consider some factors before starting an online retail business.

The first thing to consider would be choosing any great ecommerce platform that will be used as a basis for creating the business. One should also hire computer savvy individuals who will be assisting the individual with their goal of establishing a business. The platform that will be chosen should also be reliable when it comes to the tools that will be needed to manage the business. Many people who are entering the e-commerce industry fail to establish a reliable business platform whenever they start a business, and one of the secrets on how to get the best deals from these platforms would be checking it beforehand and listing all of the available options that can be used to establish the business. Once you managed to select the most reliable business platform, the next thing that you need to do would be to select which type of product you would be selling and identifying the market who will be benefiting from your products.

One of the most common products sold online are e-books. Entrepreneurs are using their knowledge about a topic and creating a book out of it. Many writers have become successful in the e-commerce industry after they wrote books and selling them online. Another option would be opening a retail business and selling all kinds of stuff online. Startup businesses which have been in the industry for some time managed to find luck after they identified what types of products would attract a huge market. They started selling electronics, clothes, and other items which can be sold through the Internet. These business people have also invested in logistics, seeking the best logistics partners who would be helping them deliver the things ordered from their website.

Finally, online entrepreneurs should identify the market where they would settle. Identifying the right market is important in online retail industry, because it provides an insight whether the business would end up successful. Startups that managed to identify the right market for their products ended up successfully, and their market size continued to expand because of the positive reviews that their businesses are receiving online.

E-commerce industry would continue to grow, thanks to the incentives provided by the Internet. The industry is expected to shake the retail industry, and new developments will be introduced to the sector in the coming years. It is not yet late to join the online retail boom. Those who wanted to take advantage of this new business phenomenon should start looking for a platform that they can use and identify the products that can be sold to a specific market.…


These agencies are a new development in the digital world. Like cryptocurrency they have many rubbing their heads with curiosity. On the whole these agencies are branding experts and function in the marketing industry. They are typically defined as design focused companies that utilize outside partners to deploy their work. These outside sources are typically ad marketing consultants. Mostly, these agencies make logos, business cards, letterheads, and achieving cohesion between all of them. These agencies also bring their design work digital and focus on a business’s virtual presence. This often times gets them confused with full digital agencies.

Creative vs. Digital

digital agency is very similar to a creative one in most respects. Except that a digital agency is wholly virtual. They come up with designs for web pages, search engine solutions, and online advertising. They help a business create a cohesive identity online but that is it. Everything is screen based, nothing in an actual physical form. Digital agencies concern themselves more with the marketing side of advertising. They get the word out to as many people as they can. These agencies focus more on the design aspect. They also transcend to the physical. A creative agency will optimize your overall appearance. They will unify your content, create amazing visual content, provide you with physical accoutrements to advertise your business, allow your content to be easier to understand, and make that content engaging. A better way of putting this is that digital agencies will get people to look up your website, but creative content will make them stay.

Benefit of Content Design

The Internet is rife with content. Millions of web pages communicating billions of ideas for a wide margin of purposes. What sets this content apart is its ability to engage those reading it. If it is not interesting than no one will stay around to look at it. This is even more true in the wake of shrinking attention spans. These agencies strategies on how to make your overall content design pop. Their job is getting people interested in your business. They do this through overall strategy, finding a way to garner interest in your specific niche and making your company stand out among the rest. Design-driven companies remain the cream of the crop. A design-oriented business attracts more clientele and receives more visits than others. This also transcends into the physical world as well.

These agencies do not just work for the screen but also in the real world. The design strategy they create also focuses on the real world as well. This is they create logos, business cards, and other similar advertisements mediums. Many businesses exist completely online, but many more have a physical presence as well. These agencies link their overall design to every tenet of your business. This means that they connect the design to the physical world by using the same engagement techniques. This transcends to posters, commercial advertisements, and other large forms of media as well.…